Welcome to the ALMANAC Lab, we are proud to offer you early access and playground for next-generation smart city enablers.

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The ALMANAC Lab is a full deployment of the ALMANAC Smart City Enablers which can be used to experiment with IoT in a Smart City context. Use our components when building YOUR IoT solution, here at the ALMANAC-Lab. You can experiment with the OPEN data we are publishing, or add your own. If you prefer, download our platform, and get started with things like storage, messaging, security in just a few seconds. Our components can be used individually, or together as a comprehensive Reliable Smart Secure Internet of Things for Smart Cities platform.

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Available Enablers

Virtualization Layer

Offers a single entry point to application developers, hiding the internal details and decentralized complexity of all other IoT components

Resource Catalogue

Discovers and keeps track of available sensors and devices in the network. It provides a set of RESTful interfaces to select, actuate on and retrieve data from these IoT resources.

Storage Manager

The Storage Manager provides flexible integration of multiple storage solutions for IoT time series data and RESTful access using the OGCSensorThings API open standard.

Data Fusion Manager

The Data Fusion Manager is a Smart City agent for Stream Mining. With it, we can discover context in real-time in the city with millions of devices, e.g. waste bins are full, leakages in some areas. Using the learnt models, it can discover or forecast more complex situations.


The Smart City Resource Adaptation Layer (SCRAL) provides a REST-based, uniform and transparent access to physical devices, capillary networks, systems and services for monitoring (and actuation) in a Smart City context.

LinkSmart GlobalConnect

LinkSmart GlobalConnect establishes an overlay network to interconnect local IoT networks and enables the discovery and sharing of IoT services and resources across these local IoT networks.

Security and Policy Framework

The Security and Policy Framework allows to secure IoT services. It implements identity management with OpenID Connect 1.0 and allows to define fine-grained access control for IoT services, providing an XACML Policy Decision Point.

Metadata Framework

The Metadata Framework eases the use of semantic data in IoT applications. It allows management, querying, and processing of highly structured graph-based RDF domain models and metadata.

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